Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The How and What

As a surprisingly helpful companion project to my summary documents, I would like to talk about the success of the business documents area that I have added to my promotional materials.  Although I have many areas in my computer that refer to things as "business documents", this is meant to be similar to the summary documents which give a very technical-minded overview of how the company plans to utilize each products features and translate that into financial gain.  So far, each product is getting exactly two files.  One that discusses the marketing approach for the product and one that discusses the actual sale of the product.  The marketing document typically refers to what an investor might be interested in about the product.  It's place in the market, competitive aspects, and what might generally create attention for the product.  The sales document refers to how customers will actually interact with the product.  Who the customers are, how they will be reached, and what this means for the company.  These documents don't really belong in the promotional materials area since they won't be released to the public, but having them there seems to be helpful for workflow reasons.