Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Motivation Boost

I think that motivation is the biggest success I've gained from my new "marketing" and "sales" documents.  I already knew what I was designing my products for and what I was going to do with them.  But now I have a handy reference manual where I can simply point to this document instead of bothering to go into the code and try to remember all of this stuff again.  Even better is that if my documents are written efficiently enough, I won't even have to be there at all.  Just point someone to this neat reference manual, add a few screen shots, and they'll have all the info they need to understand what I'm doing with my products.  If they have any technical questions, I can refer them to the summary materials.  Although this is just a start, as you put in more work you can start to see how things fit together eventually.  I think that even if nobody ever reads these documents, they will be helpful for me to have around.  If I want to go over a few things real quick about my company, I can just skim though a few papers, look at the table of contents, browse the screen shots.  Having all of this accomplished is a big boost to my motivation.

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