Sunday, December 17, 2017


After a much-needed vacation, I have returned to be responsibilities feeling refreshed, renewed, and most-importantly, creative.  Determined!  Work is once again being accomplished at a pace that is tollorable.  I think the most important part of a vacation is your ability to see where you were before you left.  What did your work previously look like?  I often notice patterns exhibited in my behavior that may or may not be easy to correct.  Although it's not the end of the world, or even something worth mentioning in a legally-advisible sense, vacations tend to be good for the body and the mind.  We have to be able to respect this part of human nature where we need to recover and heal in some sense from all the work that we've been putting into our careers and lives in general.  This is what people people like to think of as, "just plain good".  Vacations are just plain good.  I'm glad to be back and work and I'm glad to see what path I choose to take in life next.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Update: Roadmap

Today was time to update my roadmap.  This is something that I would like to do on an anual basis, although I haven't quite figured out the specifics yet.  I currently have just one roadmap that I add/edit.  I could make a new one every year and edit as needed, or due to lack of changes try to add/change something significant once a year.  This year I decided to change the audience perspective a little bit.  I wanted my potential customers to see not just what kind of products we have, but what kind of technologites we are working with.  This is a significant deviateion from the previous path.  People often relate better to what they can see and identify with.  When you're reading a description of a product, or even going over a summary of the features, you have a certain image of what to expect in your mind.  When you're actually using that product your view might change due to the motion of the processes at work.  When customers see more of what is happening as opposed to just some fun features, they might be more inclined to identify with the company.  The new goal of making significant anual changes to the product roadmap is going to be a big win for the company and the general motivations surrounding the products.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Financial Prep

In preparation for my possible entry into the world of purchasing online advertising space, I have created a costs document for my business.  This document is going to serve as an outline as my spendable capital grows for how I will be organizing my resources and allocating my funds.  The document is divided into revenue and assets to help keep my sources organized and easier to think about.  The document is meant to cover all of the products that are currently supported without worrying about their particular advertising strategies.  This allows me to have a company asset/expense report and individual marketing plans for each product as they often require that level of detail.  Without having a large amount of resources the focus is to have one document to manage this area, as we want to stay organized and be prepared.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Code Base

After doing a lot of thinking, I realized that having a code base is something I will be able to use to my advantage.  I decided that it might be a good idea to have software packages that include several of my smaller projects.  This is interesting as a long as you don't overlap products or create repetition.  All of the code that I am working with I have created myself and can be modified as such.  The smaller projects that I have (especially games) turn into very handy foundations that can be re-purposed as technology and the market changes.  This means that I can get away with releasing the same project different versions, takes on workflow(gameplay) focus, or interesting variations that change the overall tone of the release.  This is a very handy technique for evolving over time and/or maintaining visibility within the market.  Obviously minor changes will be added to options menus, views, or difficulty settings.  Plotting a trajectory is a work-in-progress, but needs to be mentioned and considered for motivational purposes.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Backup Materials

Having a library of technical knowledge is going to be a huge asset to my company.  I have started a fairly large process of converting entries in this blog into technical articles that don't refer to me or any of my opinions.  This is going to be the beginning of a knowledge base that my company will be able to add to and work on for however long we consider such a thing to be useful.  What's even more helpful is that I will not have to be personally involved in such a project.  Without my personality as part of the "value" associated with the work, anyone could help out by working with, posting, advertising, or doing any other various things with the material.  Since it is now a form of educational material, someone would simply have to understand what is being said to be able to work with it.  The voices will sound different, but the entertainment aspect is no longer a part of this educational series.  It includes all of the same information so current readers don't have to worry about missing out on anything.  This is just something to help with the image of the company and I see good things for this project.

Monday, July 24, 2017


The introduction to an ebook should not be overlooked.  While it is mostly an extended table of contents, it essentially lets you plan what you're going to be writing about for the rest of that chapter, section, or book.  You go over the basics like what the importance of your topic is, some of the specifics of the topic and what they mean, and where you plan to go with this piece of writing.  Since I already have a table of contents in my brainstorming document, there really isn't a need for another one.  A good introduction can help you visualize what you meant in your table of contents and where you're going to go next.  This is to inform your reader and to help you avoid mistakes like repeating information and skipping over details that you really wanted to cover.  If an ebook is written well enough, it can be a versatile asset to your company.  While ebook content might not be as original as something found in a white paper, it is a much more solid piece towards establishing your credibility as a player in your chosen field.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Yeah, Steps

Diligent research has lead me to the assumption that my white papers will be more effective with images.  Recently I spent some time working on original images to enhance my writing.  I didn't really want to invest too much time and effort into this project since I could always borrow existing images with the proper permissions.   My main goal was to spend some time working on creating things that were relevant to my topics.  Even without the artistic experience that someone might expect to be associated with a such a publication, I was happy with my ability to convey the theme and/or message.  The point of this project was to have something that brought the reader's attention over to the title.  Making people laugh is typically an extra, most readers know how to skip pictures since the liven up the space quite a bit.  As I am more successful I will consider more professional quality work (possibly even collaborations), but for now it's going to be one foot in front of the other.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Learning Part 2

Starting my advanced learning materials series was a big step for me.  I'm not sure if everyone is like this, but I don't generally enjoy the feeling of sharing my ideas.  My first series of "tutorials" was pretty easy because I only went over the most basic material I could think of.  It seems to be good for my overall confidence to be able to think that way about topics that I previously considered quite challenging.  Now that I have developed products based around these ideas, explaining is a much less painful task.  I'm also getting the feeling that my company is going to be better off and generally more well-informed.  If my employees don't need the training, they can help contribute to make the hiring process more effective.  With a limited amount of resources, there will be some advantage to be able to offer my employees something that they can use as a reference.  I still need to work on finalizing my efforts and determining the appropriate venue or medium for them, but I happy with a energetic start so far.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Marketing Channels

Without realizing it, I've slowly been collecting different mediums that I can use to start to increase my visibility through.  I think that lately, most to all of my time has been spent doing research in ways to increase my company's visibility.  This mostly means promoting myself, but it's a lot more difficult than you might imagine.  I have been grouping the things that I find in various articles into "genres" of places I'll have to start being a part of.  For example, I have a section for knowledge based places where I would try to help people (hopefully less fortunate than me) with whatever problems I am knowledgeable about.  It's a fairly long todo list.  Every service for each of the mediums is going to require some amount of my attention to learn the features and integrate with the users.  I think the most difficult part is patience, but things like a "userbase", "followers", and actual return on investment do not just happen by wishful thinking alone.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Floating Around

After spending more than enough time floating around and adjusting things at random, I have decided on my next amorphous direction.  Since I can't justify bug fixes for products that are not profitable and I have enough ideas so that something should have customers, I need a way to quantify the work that I am doing in vague, marketing/managerial directions.  I'm sure this may sound insulting to professionals, but being an amateur I just don't feel comfortable with what I am doing.  Most of my time is spent researching what I should be doing and then doing very few publicly visible things that can be directly translated into either sales or the actual influence of human beings.  As a professional I am going to need to not only develop a way to show what is being accomplished, but a plan to continue with my success in the future.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

More Business Plans

My second business plan has now been started.  I actually decided to go with a different format for this plan and have seen some pretty awesome results so far.  Having a second format is an enormous help for me to understand what the original format was asking and what types of things I can say or do to improve my first business plan.  The fact that it is an entirely different product in a completely different market is helping as well because there is a lot less overlap than if I were making two business plans for two similar offerings.  It's been a lot of work thus far, but the hardest part seems to be deciding what it is that I'm supposed to do.  I'd like to have as much information on paper as possible before I present what I have to a professional.  This way, the feedback that I get is going to be as specific and helpful as possible.  I'd rather get comments about what I did wrong instead of broad generalizations about the topic being discussed.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Book Outlines

E-books are going to be where I learn how to truly gain recognition in the industry.  I just decided to pursue the idea today and already I have a document outlining possible topics I could write about and how they break down into smaller ideas that I can really go into depth about.  I think that writing e-books is going to not just be a useful thing to do, but it's also going to help my whitepaper writing and my overall professionalism when presenting myself to the business world.  I'm not sure why, but I see e-books as the most formal medium I've worked with so far and I like the mindset that I have when I approach the problem of generating material.  The topics that I associate with e-books seem to lend themselves much better to an academic-based format which will hopefully give me some much needed practice with my business presentation skills.  E-books seem to be more of a set of instructions than a conversation which I've found hard to achieve even in my whitepapers.