Sunday, April 2, 2017

Marketing Channels

Without realizing it, I've slowly been collecting different mediums that I can use to start to increase my visibility through.  I think that lately, most to all of my time has been spent doing research in ways to increase my company's visibility.  This mostly means promoting myself, but it's a lot more difficult than you might imagine.  I have been grouping the things that I find in various articles into "genres" of places I'll have to start being a part of.  For example, I have a section for knowledge based places where I would try to help people (hopefully less fortunate than me) with whatever problems I am knowledgeable about.  It's a fairly long todo list.  Every service for each of the mediums is going to require some amount of my attention to learn the features and integrate with the users.  I think the most difficult part is patience, but things like a "userbase", "followers", and actual return on investment do not just happen by wishful thinking alone.