Thursday, June 15, 2017

Yeah, Steps

Diligent research has lead me to the assumption that my white papers will be more effective with images.  Recently I spent some time working on original images to enhance my writing.  I didn't really want to invest too much time and effort into this project since I could always borrow existing images with the proper permissions.   My main goal was to spend some time working on creating things that were relevant to my topics.  Even without the artistic experience that someone might expect to be associated with a such a publication, I was happy with my ability to convey the theme and/or message.  The point of this project was to have something that brought the reader's attention over to the title.  Making people laugh is typically an extra, most readers know how to skip pictures since the liven up the space quite a bit.  As I am more successful I will consider more professional quality work (possibly even collaborations), but for now it's going to be one foot in front of the other.