Monday, July 24, 2017


The introduction to an ebook should not be overlooked.  While it is mostly an extended table of contents, it essentially lets you plan what you're going to be writing about for the rest of that chapter, section, or book.  You go over the basics like what the importance of your topic is, some of the specifics of the topic and what they mean, and where you plan to go with this piece of writing.  Since I already have a table of contents in my brainstorming document, there really isn't a need for another one.  A good introduction can help you visualize what you meant in your table of contents and where you're going to go next.  This is to inform your reader and to help you avoid mistakes like repeating information and skipping over details that you really wanted to cover.  If an ebook is written well enough, it can be a versatile asset to your company.  While ebook content might not be as original as something found in a white paper, it is a much more solid piece towards establishing your credibility as a player in your chosen field.

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